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I was 53 in June. I feel like I'm 30. I live in Cold Cold Wisconsin. But, I love it here.. I found fabric and quilting about 8 years ago.. I fell in love with it.. I also enjoy paper art.. I'm not sure how I kept my sanity before I started doing art. I found rubber stamps about 10 years ago and have gone on to anything and everything.. I have been blessed with creative talents and love to express myself in art. I have 2 children .. one girl who is 15 and a boy who is 17. My husband and I love to hunt,canoe and just enjoy the outdoors together.. We all love the outdoors and go up to northern Wisconsin as often as possible. I'm a 14 year breast cancer survivor.. you can view more of my art at http://laurakrasinskiquilts.blogspot.com www.picturetrail.com/barngirl or my teaching, lecture and vending schedule here http://laurakrasinskisartontherun.blogspot.com

Friday, February 22, 2008

Deco cover

My friend Patti G. used this shape last deco round and I fell in love with it..

Postcard for Cyber Fyber Fest

This is a fabric postcard I made for a trade with Susan Lenz.. she is hostessing Cyber Fyber Fest.. go here for info on it..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My 2x2 pink square

This square is going to be sent to Monica along with many other artists squares.. she is making a doll out of them.. you can read more about the project if you go to the link below the Pink Artist gal on the right side of my blog..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unproductive week

Well, this was definitely a week from "H" "E" double hockey sticks... I woke up last Sunday feeling like I was getting a cold.. Well, I did.. it blew into a really bad one.. I was in bed almost all week.. I tried to go to work on Tues for a few hours but, that just set me back in bed for a few more days.. today I am still a bit sick but, not as bad. Mike also got sick as well as my son Luke. So if you were planning on visiting us I would wait a few weeks until the dust ( or shall we say) the germs settle. With the weather being the way it has been it wasn't so bad to just stay in the house... I had a nice Valentines day.. Luckily I had bought all the cards and candy early this year. Mike bought me some really pretty white tulips. As soon as they are in full bloom I will take a photo of them.
Well, I'm off to relax again.. I hope I can get some art in this week...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Remember the grab bag photos below...

Well, this is what I came up with. I learned this technique from Wendy Butler Berns in a class I took in Chicago last year. I'm not going to go into details regarding the technique but, if you want to learn her technique she has just published an awesome book with everything you need to know.. The book is called " Photo Album Quilts"
First I made a simple line drawing. I used photoshop to enlarge it to the same size I wanted the quilt. Then I added more lines to make more pieces. You then take that drawing and trace it on freezer paper. The freezer paper is used to cut the templates out to iron onto the fabric of your choice. You can kind of see how it looks if you look at it up to a light. When you have all the pieces done it is better than Christmas.. because you unveil your masterpiece by taking the freezer paper off...But, before you take the freezer paper off you take your piece and iron it to Pellon craft bond. This holds all the pieces in place. I liked the way mine turned out. Now I still have to find a middle for it and sew all the pieces down with monofilament thread.. I'll post more after I get that done. I added another photo of my grab bag...