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I was 53 in June. I feel like I'm 30. I live in Cold Cold Wisconsin. But, I love it here.. I found fabric and quilting about 8 years ago.. I fell in love with it.. I also enjoy paper art.. I'm not sure how I kept my sanity before I started doing art. I found rubber stamps about 10 years ago and have gone on to anything and everything.. I have been blessed with creative talents and love to express myself in art. I have 2 children .. one girl who is 15 and a boy who is 17. My husband and I love to hunt,canoe and just enjoy the outdoors together.. We all love the outdoors and go up to northern Wisconsin as often as possible. I'm a 14 year breast cancer survivor.. you can view more of my art at http://laurakrasinskiquilts.blogspot.com www.picturetrail.com/barngirl or my teaching, lecture and vending schedule here http://laurakrasinskisartontherun.blogspot.com

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Hampshire trip

I finally have a chance to post some photos of my trip.. We had a great time.. Our hostess Patti was gracious and wonderful..We played in her studio and visited Keepsake Quilting.. We had 15 gals over one night for dinner and a bonfire.. it was one of the best vacations ever... Here are a few photos...Patt G. and I went from here.. Elizabeth came from Virginia and Mary from Connecticut. We all met on the internet.. and swapped art for years.... so Patti B. invited us to her place to hang out.. I have to go back next year for sure...

Making Table Toppers..

This is a fast and fun project.. I have Halloween on one side and Laurel Burch Christmas on the other

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cedarburg Quilt Show

So here I am in New Hampshire shopping at a stamp store and my cell phone rings.. It is my friend Chris.. I wasn't sure why she would call me while I was on vacation.. I thought something was wrong. But, that wasn't the case.. something was right!! SHe called to tell me that my quilt ( the one that I wasn't going to put in the show because I was going to be gone) had won a red ribbon. It took second place.. My first bed quilt.. It was made by me but, quilted by Gloria Anderson... I was shocked.. and started to do the happy dance.. I took this quilt to my quilt class where my dear friend Maggie Gordon said... why aren't you putting the in the show... and I said.. I'm going to be out of town.. Soooo she took it and put it in the show for me.. She is such a great person.. I love her to death.. I want to thank her publicly for being so insistent and taking my quilt to Cedarburg for the show.. So... that is my story.. I am home from a great art retreat in N.H...... I didn't want to come home.. I will post more about the trip later...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane... off to New Hampshire

I am soooo excited.. My girlfriend Patti Gramza and I are leaving today to go visit another art friend Patti B... Elizabeth and Mz. Mary will be coming too.. We are planning a trip to Keepsake Quilting.. sooo excited.. and just a fun 4 days of relaxing and chucking and jiving... I'll take a lot of pics and upload them when we get back.. Wish me luck.. I hate going on planes... Laura

Sunday, October 05, 2008

My newest quilt "A Friend to the World"

I call it A Friend to the World. It is the first of a series of Native American Symbols. I did this for the Fast Friday challenge. You can see all the quilts here. http://fastfridayquilts.blogspot.com/
We had to use complimentary colors on the color wheel.. I chose Blue/purple and yellow/orange. I started this last friday when the challenge was announced.. I made it a little bit too elaborate and next time I think I will simplify it a bit. But, all in all..it was fun to do.. Love FABRIC!!! I appreciate Cynthia for inviting me to the Fast Friday group.

Friday, October 03, 2008

True Colors...

are beautiful like the rainbow... and did we have a beautiful double rainbow here the night before last...

It's not Halloween yet!!!

It is spirit day at my son's school today... So he decided to be an insane clown from the Insane Clown Posse band.. I really don't like the music but, for him to want to paint his face up is a big deal... I think he is coming out of his shell..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


is up an running... great art from many artists.. I had a hard time choosing my favorites.. but, I did buy a few pieces... YEAH!!
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