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I was 53 in June. I feel like I'm 30. I live in Cold Cold Wisconsin. But, I love it here.. I found fabric and quilting about 8 years ago.. I fell in love with it.. I also enjoy paper art.. I'm not sure how I kept my sanity before I started doing art. I found rubber stamps about 10 years ago and have gone on to anything and everything.. I have been blessed with creative talents and love to express myself in art. I have 2 children .. one girl who is 15 and a boy who is 17. My husband and I love to hunt,canoe and just enjoy the outdoors together.. We all love the outdoors and go up to northern Wisconsin as often as possible. I'm a 14 year breast cancer survivor.. you can view more of my art at http://laurakrasinskiquilts.blogspot.com www.picturetrail.com/barngirl or my teaching, lecture and vending schedule here http://laurakrasinskisartontherun.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Milwaukee Art Challenge Quilt.

The challenge was called The Line of Design..Here is my quilt and the rules... We had 20 quilts and 8 were picked to try and get in the ultimate guild challenge in Knoxville.  Mine was not one of the 8.  All of the girls quilts were really unbelievable and I sure wouldn't want to have been that judge.. Oh and funny thing.. my quilt was 1 1/4 inch short to get into knoxville show if it was picked so I put the organic looking trim on the bottom.. Now that the judging is over I think I will take it off..

A thread of red, rayon, rat tail cording must 
run through each quilt to tie them together and 
will literally connect them when displayed. The 
rat tail must enter the quilt along the left side 
either 12 from the top or 12 from the bottom 
(your choice) and exit the quilt on the right either
 12 from the top or 12 from the bottom 
(your choice once again). This variety will 
allow the quilts to be displayed in a staggered 
set that will add interest to the exhibit 
(see diagram below).

Any length of rat tail may be used and it 
can do anything while within the quilt: stretch 
straight across and be only 36 long, loop and 
spiral over the entire surface, outline an object 
or border the main subject. It can be the focus of 
the piece or fade into obscurity, but it cannot be broken.

I know art quilters hate technical details, but 
if these quilts are to be hung easily and look 
great, it cant be avoided:

A 24 piece of the rat tail must hang off the 
right side of the quilt (when looking at it) to 
be used in connecting them. Dip the end of the 
rat tail in glue or fray check to keep it from 
fraying. This side must have a 3 square pocket
 on the back to hold the excess rat tail in case
 your quilt is hung on the far right of the exhibit 
and to contain the tail while in transit. Just a 
thought - you could make the pocket your label!

On the left side of the quilt (looking at it) the
 end of the rat tail should be secured neatly 
around the edge of the quilt.

Buttons! The back of the left side of the quilt 
will need to have two 1 diameter buttons attached 
next to each other horizontally with their centers 
even with the rat tail end. The neighboring quilts 
rat tail will attach to these buttons. Buttons with
 shanks the thickness of the rat tail may be sewn 
tightly to the quilt (with no stitching showing on 
the front). Buttons without shanks may be used also: 
sew to the quilt using a piece of rat tail between 
the button and the quilt to act as a spacer. When
 this piece of rat tail is removed there will be 
room for wrapping. The last 6 (approximately) of 
the next quilts tail will wrap, figure 8 style,
 around these buttons.


Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful piece. You did your sister proud!

Patti G. said...

Laura this is fabulous!!!!!! You never stop amazing me! The colors and lines of this are so interestin. My eye was kept busy and I love the little circles too! Awesome!!!
P.S. I have to make my pockets yet for class! Aaaaaaaargh!

Pam said...

This is a stunning quilt, well done!